Tim has been playing piano for 36 years, in 7 different countries spanning the international dateline. He despises traditional tonal harmony but grudgingly accepts its necessity and utility in this world, and is not above bending it just for sport. He was involved in the Broken Clock Cabaret, a Tom Waits tribute show/band, which traveled to and performed in Tom Waits' neighborhood, with Mr. Waits' (publicist) approval. He played with the Good Foot Family All-Stars, a funk supergroup that grew out of that tour, performing for New Year's Eve 2010, 2011, and Mardi Gras 2011. He has also played around Austin,Tx for the last 18 years in various theater and rock groups….This one time, I performed for an Austin comedy troupe's HBO audition in Hollywood, and was promised a steak dinner by the A&R rep there….I'm still expecting that dinner, and if I ever catch up to that douchebag, I plan on extracting it from him at the nearest expensive steakhouse. Stupid A&R reps, with their empty promises.....oh crap, is this thing still recording? Dang! Can you edit that last part out? It makes me seem bitter and petty…. Thanks! I'll continue -- Tim was playing in a hip hop band called Dez Nuits with Chris Hart, when Chris suggested forming a new, sick and greasy funk band with DJ, and Ugly Elephant was born under a star in the East. Now he continues his fine tradition of flouting conventional tonality and fighting against the Scourge of Dull Music with his bandmates.
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