Dear Reader,
Imagine, if you will, a stone. Now, imagine that stone falling into a body of water and yet, there are no ripples. Now imagine that this stone knows how to play bass and is in all actuality not a stone, but in fact the rock solid foundation of funk upon which the rhythmic and melodic intricacies of Ugly Elephant are woven into a tapestry and worn like an audiological pair of socks around the cold, little footsies of you, the listener. Moreover, once donned, your once frigid feet begin to quiver began to shake. Toes tap as the funk flows and all the while your feet work themselves into a real honeyed fever, as you dance a dance unburdened by the things of this world. In this dance you care not for the opinions of those around you as your soul, unharnessed, frolics amidst the living ether as it joins the droves of those, who like you, know the freedom song birthed from this music. You are a bird uncaged, a chest unlocked and a steed unbridled. Go forth from here naked and unbound, yet forget not the stone path that brought you here. Its name is Mitch...
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