The guitar sounds in Ugly Elephant are handled by Chris Hart. A blend of funk, blues and rock riffs are a simple summation of Chris's style. His trademark is the phat wa-wa sound he achieves by pushing a Fender Stratocaster through a cry baby wa-wa pedal and a tube screamer into a classic Fender super reverb amplifier. Influenced heavily by Jimi Hendrix and Parliament Funkadelic, Chris knows how to lay back in the pocket and drop a wailing solo in just the right spot. Chris has played in and around Austin Texas for over 20 years at venues such as Antone's, Steamboat, Saxon Pub, Momo's, Room 710, Red Eyed Fly, to name only a few. His goals are to make as much music as possible and Ugly Elephant is the catalyst to take him forward in his pursuits. So to quote one of Chris's favorite artists, "Let's take it to the stage sucka!"
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